My Days of Decadence

I choose to live my life with a touch of decadence in every way that I can. I suppose decadence probably means something a little different to everyone and perhaps to some it’s interpreted as something vapid or shallow, overindulgent, wasteful… who knows what else could be added to that list! To me it’s about taking a moment to enjoy the best parts of life, creating moments of decadence for myself and others and making every day the best it can be (we only get so many, a fact I can’t miss in my day job).


I recall, quite vividly, telling someone who’d asked why I’d chosen ‘Days of Decadence’ as the name to cover my projects and, when I explained that it’s because that’s just how I like to live my life, eyes were rolled so heavily that I’m surprised they didn’t land on the floor with a rather grotesque plop!

But I think the truth is we all like a little decadence – what’s a bath without bubbles? A sneaky slice of cheesecake? A walk on the beach with the dog? A few minutes in the hammock with a good book and glass of wine? How good do you feel in a favourite outfit or carrying your favourite handbag? Savouring a coffee or, better yet, a Vietnamese iced coffee on a hot day (have you had one yet? No? You’re missing out!)? All are little moments of decadence.


So, while Days of Decadence encompasses a business in Adelaide, which is all about creating beautiful food (so far!), my days of decadence can be about so much more and that is precisely why this blog has come to exist! I want the freedom to record my projects, renovations, some of my favourite recipes, kitchen toys, delicious meals out, gift ideas and even my favourite pretty shiny objects (I’m a sucker for the shiny)! Mostly I do this for myself but also for those who have asked for a recipe or updates on my current projects or ‘where’d you get that?!’ and if anyone else would like to come along for the ride, I hope you might also find something here for you.


We all have to deal with the day to day and the mundane, the everyday stresses and, yes, even the frightening state of humanity and the destruction of our environment (and the havoc mother earth wreaks on us in return) but I don’t think that’s any reason not to enjoy a little decadence, or whatever you may prefer to call it, and I definitely won’t apologise for it! So join me on my adventures, roll your eyes, whatever works for you – meanwhile I’m going to go eat the last piece of cheesecake I hid in the back of the fridge! Xo

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