Cater your next event with a stunning stylised centrepiece of gorgeous foods!

A grazing table is open to complete customisation – add some cocktail foods, decadent seafood platters, have a serviced table with pizzas, bowls of pasta or other hot foods. Create a breakfast or lunch graze.

Then simply tell us your style and we will create a masterpiece just for you and your guests!

Regular inclusions on our grazing tables include;

  • Cheese with at least 100g per person (this includes some of our great local SA cheeses but this an area very much open to customization through the use of gorgeous cheeses produced in the rest of Australia and imported from other countries)
  • A range of small goods such as salami, mortadella, twiggy sticks etc.
  • Fresh seasonal fruit
  • Dips (we can offer a huge variety – occasionally we even include an old school cob loaf dip which disappears in mere moments!)
  • Crudite (seasonal fresh vegetables and succulent cherry tomatoes)
  • Quince paste
  • Dried fruit (straight from Singing Magpie in the Riverland)
  • A variety of nuts
  • Breads with EVO, dukkah & balsamic
  • Chocolate wafer sticks
  • A variety of savoury biscuits, wafers & breadsticks



Tables with contents like the one listed above are in the $15-$20 per person range, depending on guest numbers. (This price is based on a minimum of 25 guests)

Variation in prices is very much dependent on what you would like to include – imagination and budget are often the only limits on a table – so contact us to talk through the options and we’ll give you a guide on pricing!

What else could we have on a grazing table?

Sweets! Keep it as simple as lollies, brownie bites, melting moments and popcorn clusters, take it a little further and sneak the chocolate fountain in, or make it extra special and add in things like our mini tarts and pies, dessert cups and cakes. Take a look at our desserts and cakes for more ideas.

Breakfast! Imagine a table loaded with fresh fruit, breakfast parfaits, chia puddings, bliss balls, croissants, pancakes, waffles, bread rolls, ham, cheese, tomato, sizzling hot bacon, scrambled eggs and condiments. And that’s just the beginning of what we can do.

Lunch! Incorporate heavier items such as frittata, quiche, salads, mini pizzas, rolls, wraps, sandwiches (better still, incorporate everything needed into the table for guests to make their own, just how they like them) or hot items and soups. Talk to us to see what else we could do!

Canapés! Blini, meatballs, chicken & beef skewers, bocconcini & tomato skewers, cucumber & salmon bites, mini roast potatoes, sushi, arancini and many many more!

Drinks! Incorporate jugs of fresh juice, ice buckets you can fill with wine and champagne or jugs you can fill with cocktails!

Extra Styling! Above and beyond our regular styling which will give you a unique grazing table, we can also incorporate things like personalised balloon and floral arrangements!

Have other ideas about what you’d like to incorporate? Chances are, we can do it – just contact us to discuss it.

Dietary Requirements

We will endeavor to meet all dietary requirements.

What we cannot do is prevent cross contamination once a table is set up. This means, for example, that while we can employ safe food handling and keep GF items away from items containing gluten, we cannot guarantee that your guests may not inadvertently cross contaminate once grazing. Of course, we can always create an entirely GF table. This example will apply to most dietary requirements, so please do keep this in mind and, if in doubt, talk to us – we’re here to help!